Our Clients

We provide full service support in the form of strategic planning, execution & maintenance of out of home media campaigns, reaching people & shaping the way they receive communication messages.

  • Muscat Municipality
    Muscat Municipality Muscat Municipality are essential partners in all aspects of our work. Our close ties with them also see us working in unison to secure significant sponsorships for the esteemed Muscat Festival.
  • Ministry of Tourism
    Ministry of Tourism We have had a long standing relationship with the Ministry of Tourism and continue to do so, having worked with closely with them on various outdoor advertising options and other marketing/media needs.
  • Royal Oman Police
    Royal Oman Police We work very closely with the Royal Oman Police as another of our essential partners with regards to our working along the Sultanate's highway outside and inside Muscat.
  • Bank Muscat
    Bank The country's largest and most renowned bank, Bank Muscat has been with us since 1997 and remains a valued customer, advertising with us throughout the country.